There is no cost to the employer because the employer's FICA savings offset QTB Services administration cost.

Employers should take advantage of this tax savings opportunity for their employees who reside in an area where mass transit and/or paid parking are used for commuting to and from work.  Enhance your employee benefit package with the implementation of our Qualified Transportation Benefit Program. Both employees and employers will reap the benefits.

Employers are simply responsible for the funding of the program through payroll deductions and/or employer subsidies.

QTB takes care of the rest.


QTB's Swipe-N-Save® Card is the most convenient way for your employees to be rewarded with tax savings while commuting to and from work.

The Swipe-N-Save® Card provides the participant with total flexibility to choose on the best type of transit pass for their particular commute.

QTB's solutions provide a national approach to streamline transportation benefits for all employees' commuting expenses at all locations. 

24 Hour Online and Mobile Access
Ease of Implementation
No Minimum Participation Requirements
Customized Participant Communications

Specialized and Personalized Customer Care



For further information, please contact QTB Services, Inc.