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Master Card 

Works like a debit card for

Qualified Transit / Parking and Qualified HealthCare expenses.

Transit Passes

Purchase at kiosk, ticket booth, or online.

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Your funds are loaded to your Transit SmartCard.

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Parking Directory Pay

Your parking facility is paid directly with your contributions.

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HealthCare Flexible Spending Accounts

Use Pre-Tax dollars for eligible medical / dental / vision expenses.

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Dependent Care Account

Use Pre-Tax dollars for eligible daycare expenses.

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With the help of QTB Services, Inc. employers can empower their employees to turn their commute to and from work into an increase in their disposable income, at no cost to their employer.

The program is easy for the employer to implement and easy for the employees to understand, use, and reap the financial benefits.


Participants in the program pay less tax to the government and keep more of their income for themselves.

Simply Swipe-N-Save your way to tax savings.


Eliminate the Employer Ticket Booth

QTB's Swipe-N-Save® Debit Card

The most convenient way for your employees to be rewarded 
with tax savings while commuting to and from work.
Simply Swipe-N-Save

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